1 Minute Matcha Yoghurt Bowl!

Start your day with a nutritious and delicious WeLoveMatcha yoghurt bowl.

Simply add a teaspoon of WeLoveMatcha 100% organic, ceremonial grade Matcha powder into your favourite yoghurt. Then add your favourite toppings. We recommend crunchy granola, chia seeds and a few berries!

 Matcha Yoghurt Bowl


You can also add other flavours to your Matcha yoghurt such as a bit of grated ginger or squeezed orange.

For inspiration on yoghurt choices, many nutritionists recommend Fromage Frais or Skyr due to their high protein content.  

This simple Matcha yoghurt trick is also perfect for those who seek to combine Matcha into their daily routine without consuming it as a drink. You can also add Matcha to your porridge!

What are your favourite Matcha recipes? Let us know by sending an email to founders@welovemathca.co.uk 

Much Matcha Love,

WeLoveMatcha HQ x