Welcome to WeLoveMatcha!

Everyone has their morning pick me up. For some of you, it’s coffee and for others it might be as simple as a good old cup of English breakfast! But why not start your day with a pick me up that has the combination of being both delicious and nutritious?

Why do we exist?

We started WeLoveMatcha with the ambition of allowing people to understand and integrate Matcha tea into their everyday life! Upon learning about one of the most historic superfoods out there, we fell in love! We’re still surprised that this superfood with so many health benefits remains relatively unknown in the Western world! In recent years, however, this has been changing as more and more people are waking up to the benefits that Matcha tea can bring.

What is Matcha?

The term “Matcha” translates loosely to “ground tea”, which is exactly what it is! It is quite simply a tea powder made from ground green tea leaves. As opposed to your normal cup of green tea, when you drink Matcha you’re actually drinking the whole tea leaf and, as such, you get 100% of the goodness of the plant. In fact, Matcha tea is 137x more antioxidant-rich than a standard cup of green tea!  This alone makes it the perfect detoxing beverage but even with that aside, Matcha also has nearly the same amount of caffeine as coffee making it the healthier morning option! Interestingly, due to the presence of the amino acid L-Theanine, the caffeine in Matcha is released over a period of 3-4 hours which means you don’t get the jitters or peaks and troughs associated with coffee!

How is it used?

Now to get to the main question that you may have, can you just drink it as tea? Well, of course you can! But there are so many other directions to go with it! To drink it as tea, the preferred method of preparation is to use a bamboo scoop and whisk to ensure you are following Japanese tradition. But what if we told you that you can cook with it, too? You can jazz up any cake with an alluring and unique green twist. And to think you can even add amazing health benefits to a brownie! Yes. A. Brownie.

There are so many fantastic and surprising things to discover about this green phenomenon! Maybe it is time that you dived into the world of Matcha and open yourself up to a world in which staying fit and healthy is not such a challenging one!