About us

Welcome to WeLoveMatcha. We are a Matcha Tea startup that aims to provide the highest quality Matcha and the best possible price. Our founders have been drinking Matcha religiously for many years and have spent a small fortune on what has become a part of their daily lives. We are proud to be able to bring the very best ceremonial grade Matcha to you at a great price. You won't find any artificial colours, preservatives or additives here!

Grown in the fields of Kyoto, Japan it is with great happiness that we are able to offer a high quality, antioxidant rich, organic Matcha for your drinking pleasure..

Our passion for Matcha and the benefits it brings are what drives us. We want to bring the best Japanese 100% organic Matcha to our customers at the fairest price. 

Our Matcha is pure, organic and all-natural. Best of all, it's absolutely delicious! But don't take our word for it, try some today!

 matcha cup kettle