The Story

In recent years, green tea has seen a huge increase in popularity, due in no small part to its health benefits.At WeLoveMatcha, we're bringing you the best type of green tea - Matcha! One of the reasons for the heightened health benefits of Matcha over traditional green tea is as a result of the fact that with Matcha, you actually drink the leaf itself - not just the brewed water. The leaves are ground into a fine powder by a special stone-grinding process.

WeLoveMatcha's Matcha Tea is straight from Kyoto, Japan. We only use the finest leaves which are then stone ground to ensure that they maintain their quality.

At this moment in time, WeLoveMatcha only supplies pure, ceremonial-grade Matcha. If you're looking for Matcha to use only for cooking, please let us know and we'll point you in the right direction. Our Matcha is for those who want to reap the full benefits of this Japanese tea by using it mainly for drinking. 

Keeping up with tradition, we recommend using a Matcha whisk, scoop and bowl to prepare our Matcha.